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Can You Place Conditions On Love?

Unconditional love sounds amazing — and in theory, it is something we should all strive for. But should there ever be conditions placed on love? We asked experts Joan Childs and Diane ...

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"Nurse Jackie" & The Behavioral Approach To Addiction

Season Five of Showtime's darkly comic "Nurse Jackie" proves my contention that "if you deal with the behavior without confronting the underlying issues, you're just switching chairs on a sinking ship." I was referring to substance abuse in the quote, but it really holds true for the ...

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8 Essential Traits Of A Keeper

YourTango conducted a survey of over 100 mental health professionals to learn what it takes for a man to be considered "husband material." According to the results, the top three traits marriage-oriented people look for in a man are: his ability to communicate, honesty and reliability. So, besides ...

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How Wedding Fever Can Ruin Your Relationship

Melissa and Tom (whose names have been changed to protect their privacy) argued as they drove to meet their vocal coach. "Why do you want to sing The Wind Beneath My Wings?" she asked. "It's such a cliché, and I'll never hear the end of it from my dad." "You're not ...

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Communications Technology Vs. Relating

Communication is supposed to be helped by technology, right? We're available 24/7 now, through cell phones, texting, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. We may be communicating, but are we relating? Is a Facebook friend really a friend? Is the first time you tell the person you're dating that you love them in ...

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Diane Spear, LCSW-R

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Articles by Diane Spear, LCSW-R
Affection & Intimacy In Dating & In Relationships

Can You Place Conditions On Love?

Can love really be unconditional? Ideally, yes; practically, no.

"Nurse Jackie" & The Behavioral Approach To Addiction

"Nurse Jackie" & The Behavioral Approach To Addiction

"Nurse Jackie" shows the limitations of behavioral solutions to psychological problems.

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8 Essential Traits Of A Keeper

What do you look for in a marriageable man?


How Wedding Fever Can Ruin Your Relationship

Seven ways to keep your wedding from overshadowing your marriage.

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Communications Technology Vs. Relating

Communications technology is supposed to bring us closer together. Are we relating more or less?

Diane Spear, LCSW-R

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