5 Things Every Women Should Do To Find Mr. Right


5 Things Every Women Should Do To Find Mr. Right
5 things every women should do when looking for Mr. Right.

There is so much advice and information out there on how to find Mr. Right. However, it is important to keep in mind that men also out looking for their perfect match. So instead on trying to decide where to look, focus on how you can make yourself the best possible mate for your Mr. Right.

Tip 1: Be Yourself
Even though this tip should be a no-brainer, for some it may still be very hard to do. Pretending to be something that you’re not could potentially turn a man off. Ever order something on a menu that looked absolutely delicious, but the actual taste was horrible? Men feel the same way. Though he may not be comparing you to food, he is expecting the things that you say you can deliver.


Tip 2: Be A Friend
I know this sounds scary, but trying to become his friend is a good thing. Ask him questions about the things that he likes, and reveal things about yourself that you like as well. Don’t become defensive if he says something bad about some of the things you like; remember that it’s just his opinion. Also, don’t try to change everything about yourself just to have things in common. Enjoy being different and be confident in your personality. Additionally, enjoy his personality as well. Keep in mind that you won’t agree on everything, but you will still have things in common.

Tip 3: Be A Lady
Men love women who enjoy being a woman. Show him that you like taking care of yourself. Smell good, brush your hair, and always look presentable. Jogging pants and a t-shirt is fine for the gym. However, keep in mind that you can still look neat and sexy. If he comes over, make sure the house is clean and organized. It’s no secret that men and women can be slobs, but that’s just common knowledge and not a trait that you should live up to when you’re trying to get a man.

Tip 3: Flirt
Flirting is easy! Just casually compliment him with a smile. Making up compliments just to have a reason for conversation could sometimes back fire in the long run. Surely there is something that you like about the guy, you just need to express it. To do this, try touching him lightly on the arm or shoulder. Be sure to make the touch gentle and innocent. Be sure to touch and not feel. Too much caressing could cause him to think that you may be a little too promiscuous for his taste. If he touches you back, try not to be offended unless it was inappropriate. When a man opens the door for you, it is common for him to put his hand in the small of your back. Let him treat you like a lady.

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