A Single Girl's Guide To Know if He is Relationship Ready


A Single Girl's Guide To Know if He is Relationship Ready
Is your guy relationship ready? Take this brief quiz.

                   A Single Girl’s Guide to Know if He is Relationship Ready

                                                 Denise Wade Ph.D.



Most men crave a woman’s feminine gifts and affections, but they are not ready to give back what is needed to make a mutually satisfying relationship work. You see, the majority of men have been built with different gifts than women. Women are born with natural relationship intelligence, that’s part of the maternal skill set needed for childrearing. Guys, on the other hand, are not typically aware of when they are able to invest themselves and their emotions into a relationship. So it is important to follow their actions and not their words. Remember there are three forms of availability: Physical, Emotional, and Relational.

If you are dating a guy that you just met or have been seeing him for sometime now, and are not quite sure if he is committed to you or to the relationship, take this short Relationship Ready Quiz that may offer some insight.

Men, more so than women, lack intentional awareness when it comes to their own emotions and knowing when and if they are “available.” I work with many single women who date men, young and old, single, divorced, some with kids, some without, men who have absolutely no idea that they are not emotionally, relationally, or physically available. Yet there they are on online dating sites, in singles clubs, or asking women out as if they are fully functioning.



                                       Relationship Ready Quiz

1) Did he move at a healthy pace entering into the relationship? If he moved really fast he will most likely exit really fast. If he moved really slowly he is most likely not sure about you or not emotionally healed from a previous love. (Emotional Availability)

2) Do his actions match his words? When a guy is relationship ready, he makes a promise or commitment and usually keeps it. Don’t waste too much attention and energy listening to what he says he will do for you, or how he says he feels about you. A man that is into you will not talk about it; he will show you. (Relational Availability)

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