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I practiced counseling and psychotherapy for 20 years and for much of my professional career, I conducted online therapy. In the late 90′s I discovered the power of the internet through my search for support during my own health crisis. We have a term for that now. I was an early “e-patient” and through my personal experience, I discovered how the Internet can serve as an empowering tool along the path of self-discovery. I gained a wealth of support and knowledge that empowered me to make enhancing and holistic health choices.

I now extend my experience as a trainer, consultant, e-patient and online therapist to the fields of coaching and alternative medicine. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and distant healing has been around forever and now we can implement age-old wisdom across cyberspace.

I am a speaker, consultant, teacher  and mentor about topics related to online therapy and coaching, distant healing, energy medicine and intuition. I am passionate about essential oils. I blog about the practical and mystical.

I am co-founder of the Online Therapy Institute offering online training, online peer supervision, resources and consultancy about mental health, coaching, intuition, reiki, aromatherapy and technology. I am also Managing Co-Editor of TILT Magazine ~ Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology and I am on the faculty of the Institute for Life Coach Training. 

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I became a helping professional after I went through my own personal growth through counseling and coaching. I decided I wanted to be able to offer those same skills to others and have done just that for over 20 years!  Now I help other healers and helpers expand their skills and find their authentic voice.


DeeAnna Nagel

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