Why Women Ignore Men


Why Women Ignore Men

With nothing intelligent to do with my time, I decided to wander into a local eatery for a happy hour snack and beverage.  I've discovered that happy hour is a great place to meet people, and it provides wonderful opportunities for me to ask questions and stay abreast of the astonishing things going on in the minds of single men and women in the dating world.

This past Monday I rolled in, parked my butt on a stool, and ordered nachos and a margarita.  Recognizing me from a few weeks ago, a gentleman ran over to my table to ask how my research was going and what fascinating things I'd learned about the opposite sex since we last spoke.  He and I chatted for a few minutes, then he whispered that he had a question for me.  "Shoot" I say.  

"Women seem to spend a lot of time intentionally ignoring men, not giving eye contact, paying zero attention...being totally self-absorbed, etc." he said. "How do you notice guys?  Does a guy ever catch your eye?" 

Did I say astonishing?  Perhaps "jaw droppingly unf'in believable" would be more appropriately descriptive.
Taking a big swig of my tasty beverage, I had to explain to the young man (who was at least 35 and should know better) that women are not self-absorbed, men are. 

Really, for him to think that because he showed up there should be a drum roll, house lights would dim, and all eyes would be on him is a fantasy and a dream.  Apparently he believed because he showed up and wanted female attention, women were supposed to drop whatever they were thinking about or doing and make him the focus of their existence. 

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