Men Wanna Know. What Do Women Want?


Men Wanna Know. What Do Women Want?

1) Women want a man that is confident and strong. Of course your woman wants you to be a considerate and thoughtful nice guy, but this must be balanced with a steely determination, a sharp focus on the future, and resilience. We call this collection of traits "strength." Your woman is looking for you to go after your dreams, to be assertive and speak up when opportunities present themselves. She is looking for you to stand up for yourself when your rights are infringed upon, and for you to take the lead and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. If life throws you a curve ball, she wants to see you feint left and keep movin’. She wants you to prove yourself capable so she can have confidence in you.  If you never voice your opinions or desires, and are overly accommodating, women don’t see you as NICE, they see you as WEAK. A woman can never truly love a man she doesn’t respect.

Yes lawd, this is the man of my dreams!2) Women want a man that is masculine. That repetitive, nerve wracking, endless complaining, pouting or acting a fool when you don’t get your way is out. May have worked with Mom when you were 5, but a wife or girlfriend will be nothing but disgusted. A few other guidelines on this point: Masculine men are not metro sexual, bisexual or on the down low. You do not wear more jewelry than your woman, nor is your hair longer than hers. You must have some sort of physique which differentiates you from a female. Usually this means you have muscles and facial hair. Man-boobs and pregnant-looking bellies are not masculine; neither is makeup, especially eyeliner and nail polish. You treat women like ladies, and are courteous and gentlemanly at all times. You open doors, you pull out chairs, you hold her hand.  You are all man, which provides her with the refreshing opportunity to relax into her femininity and be all woman.

3) Women want a man they can respect. It’s important for women to have a man that she admires as a person… that she can be proud of and brag to her coworkers, friends and family about. That means you are honorable, sincere, trustworthy, and a person her father and brothers admire. You work hard at being a success in whatever field you choose. Women want to think that our guy is the greatest guy in the world. Because when a woman is in love, she longs to feel that no other man can hold a candle to her man. She doesn’t need you to tell her what to do like her father might, but she still looks up to you in many ways like she did Dad, and she respects your opinions, values, behavior and thought processes.

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