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Stop Dating The Same Types Of People Over (And Over) Again

I grew up desperately seeking love, kindness and guidance from parents who were unable to meet my emotional needs. It is not pleasant to admit that, but it is true. It is also true that I transferred that desperate neediness as a young adult into relationships with men who couldn't meet my emotional needs ...

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I Was Abused, So I Took Revenge — And Became A Therapist

One of the things I have come to appreciate about myself is my willingness to continue to learn, to grow and to heal my wounds. I don't see how I can ask my clients to go into their dark places if I'm not willing to go into my own. Even with all my education, training and skills, when I work with ...

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How To Teach Traumatized Kids To Love

Susan Kuchinskas in her book The Chemistry of Connection wrote "loving isn't automatic." John Bowlby, the father of attachment stated that the first three years of life lay the foundation for all of other relationships in our life. Research also tells us that what the mother experiences during her ...

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Set Reasonable Goals For Yourself

Last month we talked about focusing on goals. This month builds on those ideas with an emphasis on realizing that unreasonable goals are not sustainable. A case in point was brought to mind about how easy it ...

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Stop Being Afraid Of Life, And Start Living It

A client told me about a time when she was about ten years old and she awoke one morning to find the house was icy cold. Her stepdad was not at home, but she had watched him build fires in the fireplace (their only source of heat) many times. She decided she could do it and make the house warm for her mother and ...

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Stop Dating The Same Types Of People Over (And Over) Again

Break your unhealthy patterns for good!


I Was Abused, So I Took Revenge — And Became A Therapist

Helping others is the best way for me to overcome my own demons.

Parenting Tips For Traumatized Kids

How To Teach Traumatized Kids To Love

They may be scarred, but there is hope.

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Set Reasonable Goals For Yourself

Don't disappoint yourself by setting expectations that you aren't able to meet.

Life Coach Teaches You To Stop Being Afraid

Stop Being Afraid Of Life, And Start Living It

My client was scarred by her childhood; I helped her move past it.

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