7 Secrets To Mastering Communication Secret #1 Consciousness


7 Secrets To Mastering Communication  Secret #1 Consciousness
7 easy tips for immediately raising self-awareness and consciousness for guilt-free communication!


“We are each a product of our own belief system.” ~ iPEC Foundation Principle

Consciousness is the foundation of every happy, healthy and thriving relationship we are in. Being conscious is in the understanding that “WHO I think I AM” determines WHAT I do and HOW I do it. Your WHO is your level of consciousness and was learned from all the people who have influenced you since your birth and even from past generations haunting you from the past.

For most of us, our “WHO I think I AM” is run by your Internal Chain of Command who delights at ambushing us with self-doubts, fears, and cobweb covered beliefs that can keep us stuck repeating the same holding patterns over and over again. Your “REAL WHO I AM” is unlimited in potential and magnificence.

Being fully empowered and experience deeply satisfying relationships and authentic communication requires some soul-searching reconciling that you are the source of all your experiences. It means understanding how your thoughts, emotions, core beliefs, agreements and stories are bossing you around, no matter how much you’d like to think it’s the other guy’s fault or external circumstances beyond your control that are responsible for your disappointing relationships.

It’s time to revamp your Internal Chain Of Command and take over control. If we could just think our way out of our thoughts, we would have done it by now, without having to look deeper.

Why do the same things keep happening to us over and over again, then? 90% of the people who take my Compatibility Index are shocked to learn that when the least bit of stress or upset enters their life they immediately react in one of two ways: either “The Ugh Syndrome” lamenting and complaining or “The Boxing Glove Syndrome” with both barrels loaded and ready to shoot t anything that’s moving. Sometimes the bull’ eye is right between their own eyes as they beat themselves up in a litany of self-sabotaging thoughts.

We like to think we’re a lot more positive, non-judgmental and go with the flow. Instead, we enter into the blame game, subtly or blatantly, either blaming someone else or ourselves for circumstances. That’s when we put up the walls, shut down and begin collecting evidence that what we believe is true. If only we could take back control from Our Internal Chain of Command who is bossing us around!

I know you’re ready to get started so here are 7 Tips For Cultivating Consciousness.

1. Be honest and notice the patterns in your behavior that happen over and over again. Without blaming and criticizing yourself, what do you really see?

2. How do you habitually approach your relationships? Are you fully present in all your sensual being, fully tuned into all your senses?

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