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7 Biggest Turnoffs in your Online Dating Profiles

7 Biggest Turnoffs in your Online Dating Profiles

1. No pictures, Fuzzy pictures, or “Artistic” Pictures. This is so annoying. Nobody will look at a profile without pictures, and fuzzy pictures or ones that are so far away or ‘artistic’ that we can’t make out your face are just obnoxious, and makes us think... “What are you trying to hide??” Just put a clear picture up, please!

2. Bad Grammar & Misspellings. Do you really want us to think you’re in the 7th grade, or just dumb or careless? Yes, people look at your spelling and grammar in your profiles, and often it’s even used as a way to weed people out (misspellings? Next!)! Take 2 extra minutes and proofread your profile. It will pay off.

3. Excessive Exclamation marks and Emoticon usage. Putting too many exclamation marks and emoticons in your profile makes you appear neurotic and unstable, or even desperate. Use them sparingly, and only one at a time (not !!! or ? and :-p ).
4. Venting about your negative past & bringing your drama. Venting on your profile about your past poor experiences in dating or online dating, the skepticism you have toward it or the lack of good relationships or dates you’ve had in the best is the fastest way to send someone running. You want to sound upbeat and positive in your profile. Don’t be a Debbie Downer.

5. Pictures with random girls or guys in them. Pictures with groups of friends or okay, but if you have pictures with your arm around one girl or guy or they’re kissing you, sitting on your lap, etc., what are we supposed to conclude with that?

6. Using generic adjectives like “nice” and “funny” to describe you. Is ‘nice’ the best you can do? Using a word like “nice” to describe you will really make us jump out of our chairs eager to meet you… NOT. It makes you sound like a bore and immediately puts you in the “Nice Guy/Girl” zone, which you don’t want. Instead, SHOW that you’re adventurous or witty or have a bit of an edge to you, something that makes you stand out and intrigue us. “Nice” just doesn’t cut it online.

7. Too long of profiles. This isn’t a novel or your life story, your profile should just be a ‘teaser’ of who you are; a brief snapshot of your personality so you can entice people to want to contact you and get to know you further.