Laughter during sex creates more playfulness in the relationship


Laughter during sex creates more playfulness in the relationship
Have you ever noticed how serious sex can be?

Especially when it comes to marriage and as the old saying goes “doing the duty” or “getting to the orgasm”. Sex is supposed to be fun, sexy, playful, erotic and orgasmic. Adding laughter to sex play can change the serious mood associated with all types of sexual anxiety into a more relaxed atmosphere. Many times a person who may have a sexual dysfunction such as rapid ejaculation, not being able to get a hard on, or lack of orgasm can benefit from the release that laughter provides.

Laughter during sex can be playful as well adding in the element of teasing each other through touch and communication. Using a feather to create a tickle across the body or licking the stomach then blowing on it after can be sexy and playful. Having fun during foreplay will also build the heat up between two people, like play wrestling naked, pillow fights or pinning a partner down and kissing then playfully.

Often times when a couple has been together for some time they forget that sex is about enjoyment, fun and making each other feel good. A great way to get started is to add in some fun teasers to play with your partner in bed. Visit a few local sex shops together and pick them out. The possibilities are truly endless.

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