How to tell my wife that I want to be in a Cuckold Marriage


Cuckolding is a husband wanting to watch his wife have sex with another man in front of him

As a sex therapist and relationship counselor, I see men and couples who come to me for advice on cuckolding in their marriage. The husband is usually the one who wants to get the wife involved but he does not know how to go about telling her. Once in a while I will counsel a couple who wants to explore the cuckolding together. Typically though, the man is wanting his wife to try the cuckolding but does not know how to approachh her.

Cuckolding involves another man in the marriage that the husband wants his wife to have sex with in front of him. The husband derives much satisfaction from watching his wife have in tercourse with another man who typically will have a larger than average size penis. Another aspect about cuckolding, is the husband needing to be shamed by his wife, and one way is for her to compair penis size and let her husband know that his penis is just to small to please her.

Other forms of shaming can go along with the cuckolding as well depending on the scope of the cuckolding session. Some men like to be tied to a chair and forced to watch, and not allowed to touch themselves while the scenario is being played out in front of them.  A wife may also spank her husband as a form of deeper humiliation and domination...

The point of the article and what I tell my male clients is that most wives if married for a time are not going to be willing to partake in the cuckolding lifestyle, some women may be more open to it than others, but the majority will not. Husbands have asked me about having a man waiting in the room for his wife as a surprise….the answer is "no" not a good idea.….What I will advise my male clients who are into the whole cuckolding fantasy is that they need to tell their wives slowly and see what her reaction is. Some women are more open to the idea of cuckolding than others and unless it is approached in the right manner one will never know. If all else fails then call a sex counselor and do individual counseling and couples counseling.

The fact is that once a man is interested in this form of a fetish it is hard to stop him from thinking about it and wanting to act on it!  I have helped many men come up with solutions and find a way deal with their fetish.

This article was originally published at The Happy Spouse. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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