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Getting Men To Stop "Fixing" Your Emotions

Question: My significant other does not know how to handle my emotion when I am depressed or sad. He said he wanted to fix things, but he does not know how, so now he tends to shy away. And his avoidance only makes me feel worse. Is there a way for us to arrive ...

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Change Of Heart: Now She Wants Him Back

Question: My ex and I broke up several months ago after five years. Right after the break-up (which was pretty much mutual) I became desperate and needy, begging for him back, which obviously only pushed him away. Now that we've gone almost two months with no contact, we've started texting a very little ...

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Should She Pursue Former Crush...20 Years Later?

Question: I have an unusual situation here...a guy I served with in the military back in my twenties (we are in our mid 40's now), found me on Facebook two years ago (I was married then).  He often sent me texts: jokes, political things, discussions about our kids (we both have teenaged boys, he's ...

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Men’s Dirty Little Secrets – Part 2

As promised, here is the second installment in my exposé on men’s dirty little secrets. As I’m sure many of you know, men are visual beings.  We are motivated to action and stimulated most by our sense of sight.  As such, when we see something provocative it can have a profound ...

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She Wants To Be More Than ‘Friends With Benefits’

Question: I am fairly young, 23, and I've been hooking up with this guy for 7 months now.  When we started hooking up he stated that he didn’t want a girlfriend, and he still feels the same way. Recently I told him that I was developing feelings for him. To protect me from getting hurt Read More

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Butting Heads

Getting Men To Stop "Fixing" Your Emotions

If your guy sees you in distress he wants to make you feel better, even when you just want to vent.


Change Of Heart: Now She Wants Him Back

There's a reason you broke up with your ex. Is there really any benefit to taking a step backwards?

happy couple

Should She Pursue Former Crush...20 Years Later?

After two decades, is the spark still there? And does his patience indicate respect or disinterest?

Sad Dude

Men’s Dirty Little Secrets – Part 2

Your guy's not as much an open book as you think. Here are a few more things he's kept from you.


She Wants To Be More Than ‘Friends With Benefits’

Casual sex was fine at first, but now she wants more. Trouble is, he doesn't. What's a girl to do?

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