How To Spice Up Your Relationship


How To Spice Up Your Relationship
Does the relationship need to be spiced up or is it too stale?

I get this e-mail from women all the time:

“How do I spice up my relationship?”


Well, I say a little cayenne pepper, throw it all over his body, and lick it up. You’ll be spiced up the entire day.

Or if you have an aversion to licking his entire body full of cayenne pepper, here are some other ways to spice up a relationship.

Ask yourself if this relationship really needs spicing up, or if you need another relationship?

The reason a lot of relationships go stale, because they’re done. The expiration date is over. They’ve jumped the shark. They’re like a jar of milk in the fridge, with an expiration date that’s way past the date that you actually bought it.

You can’t just spice up a relationship. It has to be spicy right from the get go.

So that’s the first thing you need to ask yourself: was this relationship spicy in the beginning? How long was the sex great for and when did it start to downward spiral?

For how long did you two flirt before making it official?

Spicing up a relationship takes work, but it’s that needs to be had in the first place.

If you had a spicy relationship in the beginning, then just go back to the beginning. Meditate on exactly what worked in the beginning and do it all over again.

We’re men. We’re very simple. We know exactly what we want and if you gave it to us in the beginning, we want it again, over and over again. So if you were spicy, and sexual, and naughty, and fun in the beginning, do it all over again. Do whatever worked in the beginning. If you didn’t have that in the beginning, then you picked the wrong relationship, and there is nothing that’s going to spice it up.

What worked in the beginning, will work again. Trust me, we’re men, we’re simple. We love highlights. If a women repeats the behavior she had in the first 90 days of our relationship, it’ll feel like I’m watching ESPN Sports Center every night—the best of everything during the course of our entire relationship.

So think back to the way it was in the beginning and start doing those things all over again. And your relationship will have the spice back that it’s needed. If you never had that spice, then you’re in the wrong relationship.

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