Emotional Differences with Men and Woman


Emotional Differences with Men and Woman
Understanding some of the emotional differences with men and woman

You may wonder how you became so emotionally different from your mate. If we start at the beginning, God created all embryos to begin life “female” in nature with the fetus starting out very similar in all areas of the brain and body.  The brain was created with two sides that have separate functions that work together with a massive intertwining of nerve fibers allowing both sides to function beautifully together.  Approximately, the seventh week of pregnancy a strong dose of the hormone, testosterone, covers the male fetus to masculinize the body.  This hormonal covering actually damages the brain and alters how it functions. (Men, this information is dangerous if left in the wrong hands!) The nerve fibers that connect the two sides of the brain become damaged, making the flow of information from one side to the other, less efficient. 

Although testosterone can be blamed for men thinking longer about what he believes and the delay in a response when there is some emotional content to the issue, men still have the ability to think and feel.  It just it takes longer for the message to transfer from one side of the brain to the other. (Men, this information could wipe out our “excuse” strategy.) In comparison, a woman maintains the original brain functioning and is able to more effectively utilize both sides of the brain and respond more quickly to feelings and information with feeling content. 

Now ladies, don’t go telling everyone you finally found the secret why your husband is the way he is; there is more to the story.  Testosterone may give some answers for the difference in responding, but you probably would say, “When he wants something (like sex), he doesn’t have a problem responding quickly.” (Actually, he may respond too quickly.)  Although hormone change is a core reason why men and women relate differently to the world, the difference should not be used as an excuse for men to remain unemotional. 

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