To practice being playful and at ease with people you find attractive.

1.To find a life partner.
2.To learn how to be vulnerable.
3.To expand your capacity to give and receive love.
4.To have fun.
5.To meet new people.
6.To get out and explore your city.
7.To practice being more forgiving.
8.To find the best possible partner.
9.To learn how to speak up for yourself.
10.To practice setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.
11.To stop listening Imaginary Frenemy and all the other critical voices.
12.To face your fears.
13.To practice speaking your truth without making the other person wrong.
14.To practice being playful and at ease with people you find attractive.
15.To decide what you do and do not want in a partner.
16.To get to know yourself better.
17.To learn to take responsibility for your actions and choices.
18.To become more attractive.
19.To practice being in the moment.
20.To better trust others and yourself.
21.To practice letting go of control.
22.To practice letting go of judgments.
23.To practice being kind and loving, no matter how others behave.
24.To practice trusting your own instincts.
25.To learn how to reject others and be rejected.
26.To learn how and when to walk away.
27.To learn how to be disappointed and still keep going toward your dream.
28.To practice being more spontaneous and open to change.
29.To practice listening to understand rather than to be understood.
30.To heal old wounds and let go of habitual patterns.
31.To learn to love and be loved.

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