Notice How Your Partner Treats People!


Notice How Your Partner Treats People!

Early in a Relationship, there are some behaviors, or signs, to keep an eye on that can be a helpful indicator of how that person will be in relationship to you for the long term!  My relationship advice to you is to notice how your partner treats others in every day occurrences!  Here are 5 situations to keep an eye out on:

How does he treat the wait staff at the restaurant at which you are dining?  Is he respectful, considerate and understanding of that person?  Or is he demanding, impatient and snappy?  Yes, everyone has had a bad day once in a while; however, he really should not take it out on others who are serving you.


How does she treat her family members?  Does she have a good relationship with her parents, brothers and sisters?  Does she make an effort to keep in touch at least monthly?   Yes, I know there are understandable exceptions to this rule for why someone would not involved with a family member and you will have to ascertain whether he or she has a valid beef with that family member.

How does he talk about his ex’s?  Does he blames the break up entirely on his ex and takes no responsibility for any of the breakup?  That’s a huge red flag.  Run right away!  You may be his next ex that he bad mouth!

Does she make sarcastic, cutting comments about other people?  Sarcasm is a form of humor, but it is also a way to put someone else down to make them feel superior.  Constant criticism or put downs is a red flag that if you get on the wrong side of this person, you will be their next target!

Does he buys the best of everything for himself (technology, cars, vacations, homes) and is very stingy when it comes to gifts for others? Does he seem to have a sense of entitlement for himself and others (including you) can do with second best?

These are the red flags that I recommend you watch out for when you are starting to date a new person on a consistent basis.  Most of my clients are looking for understanding, considerate, respectful, caring and generous people to date.  My relationship advice is that you do deserve to have a person who offers you those qualities at the very least.  So if you see some of these red flags, then you will have to make a decision about whether you can continue to date this person or move on.

Have you experienced these behaviors in a current or past relationship?  What have you done when you did come upon these red flags?  This curious relationship coach would love to know.  Please leave a comment.

Intentionally yours,

Coach Amy

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