Finding Love Giveaway: Great Advice For Soulmate Searching


Finding Love Giveaway: Great Advice For Soulmate Searching
Totally fed up with dating? Here's some good news, for once!

Are you serious about finding true love? Do you say you can't find anyone you want to date? Perhaps you need some creative help that will get you to look outside the box of your "normal". Sound good? Great! And how do you do that? Here are some great suggestions: 

1. Find new resources that can lead you to that right person such as a new dating site, a speed dating company, a matchmaking company, or a travel company for singles.


2. Open yourself up to new ways of thinking, such as gaining a new perspective (the one of the opposite sex), what you need to know if you are marriage minded, and what you need to consider when dating as a single parent, or dating a single parent.

3. Acquire some new skills to help when you do meet that special person by learning how to date more consciously. You'll increase your chances for  deepening your relationship with your partner with newly-acquired critical relationship tools and strategies. 

4. Improve aspects of yourself that may make you more attractive to a potential life partner, such as how to dress for a date. Learn how to write the best online profile, tap into self acceptance and love the skin you're in. 

What are all these new ways and resources to find love worth? Would you believe that you can get all this for FREE? All you have to do is go to to get these FREE gifts from 17 respected dating and relationship experts and businesses supporting singles. You will have 14 days to access all these goodies! And guess what? There are no strings attached!

Instead of complaining, "I never meet anyone interesting" to your married friends and single buddies, take a proactive approach to dating. Try something new, be open new ideas and learn helpful relationship skills that will serve you in your dating journey.  

There is one key trait of those who do succeed in finding love... persistance! They never gave up searching for that special person and learning how to best put themselves out there!  So join us at the Finding Love Giveaway Event at and expand what's possible for you!

Intentionally Yours,

Coach Amy

PS.  If you sign up for the Finding Love Event before October 31, you will get a special early bird gift from me: The Characteristics of a Motivated to Marry Dater Report and you will get notified of the start of the event.  So go to today!

Here is a sampling of what's being given away from the Finding Love Giveaway Contributors:

  • iLove: Online Dating Profile Secrets- from Laurie Davis of eFlirt
  • 5 Sure-Fire Things You Need to Know Before Getting Dressed for a Date- from Marion Gellatly
  • Is Matchmaking Right for You?  20 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring One from Ann Robbins
  • Free Conscious Dating Book and Audio from David Steele
  • For Men: Get Your Special Girl Kit: Discover the Irresistible Dating Skills so She Chooses You! from Antoinette Cabral
  • 5 Must Know Tips for a Successful Speed-Dating Experience plus a 50% discount coupon to a speed dating event in your area. - From speed dating company
  • Love is NOT Enough: 5 Secrets to Building a GREAT Relationship That Will Last  from Dr. Jackie Black
  • "Is He Emotionally Unavailable? How to Get Any Man to Open Up Almost Instantly with These 5 Simple Tips" from Jonathon Aslay
  • Finding Love as a Single Parent: How to Create a Better Future for You & Your Children from Rosalind Sedacca.
  • "Are You Motivated to Marry?"  Find Out from Coach Amy Schoen's Free Training. 
  • "12 First Date Mistakes that Keep You Single"  Report from Ronnie Ann Ryan

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