Reasons women can't climax


Reasons women can't climax

6 Things That Make it Difficult for Women to Orgasm

You may be surprised by some of the things that can make it difficult for women to climax.  Did you know too much caffiene can affect your ability to climax? Read more below:


Quick List: 6 Things That Make it Difficult for Women to Orgasm by Sex Expert, Chrystal Bougon

1.  Stress:  This is a no brainer. Women have more difficulty getting in the moment generally speaking. That is especially true when we are stressed. Men tend to be better at compartmentalizing their stress and issues at work or at home. Women have a hard time turning it all off and making time for FUN or for some intimacy when we’re stressed. So, when we are super stressed, we can try and try but what normally works to help us climax may not work when we are over stressed. The kicker here is that an orgasm is a FAB stress reliever. (This is a good time to bust out your Silver Bullet vibe and incorporate it into your masturbation session or partner play.)

2. Lack of Sleep: I hear it all of the time from women at our home parties… women would rather sleep an extra 10 or 15 minutes then make time for sex. I believe that is partially because when we are SUPER tired, we have more trouble orgasming. This is where I like to coach women and couples to make time in the morning before their kids wake up or before their alarm clock goes off. When women have had 6 to 8 hours of rest, we are more responsive and lubricate more easily and orgasm more easily. When we have had some rest, our hormone levels are higher which makes it easier for us to be turned on, lubricate and orgasm. (Or even try getting “busy” in the middle of the night when you are both sort of in that lucid state, very relaxed, it’s very dark and you are all cozy and under the covers.)

3. Antihistamines (Allergy Meds): Allergy medications dry out EVERYTHING. They work well by drying out your nose and other mucus membranes. Most women don’t put their vaginal dryness issues together with the fact that they take allergy meds.

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