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Christy Goldstein, Relationship Coach

Christy Goldstein - Relationship Coach, Dating Coach, Life Coach, Mediator, Mentor, Sex Educator, YourTango Expert Partner - Columbus, OH

Relationship Coach

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Forgive your past before you affect someone's present and future. 

Think before you speak. Think before you act. Anger doesn't last as long as regret will.

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I currently help people with their relationships, how to date successfully, sex lives, and questions regarding sex. I am  very intuitive with people and have an uncanny way of finding out what people want and need with meeting them once. I help people set up goals for their love lives and help them throughout while making sure they stay on task with what they truly want for themselves. I am extremely to the point and direct. I tell it how it is and explain sometimes you have to go through the players and people who play games before you get to your true love. I have helped my friends and family with their relationship issues and helped them realize their patterns with relationships and their "type" of people they normally go after and teach them to change that pattern. We all have patterns, but if you are still single than that pattern or "type" may not be working for you! I can see a man and know exactly what he wants from you. My intuition has helped many people save time on "relationships" that won't go anywhere. I help clients set up their goals and answer their questions through skype, meetings in person, on the phone or through emails.


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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I am very passionate about helping people achieve love and maintain a healthy relationship and sex life. I am very passionate about helping women feel empowered and realize what they want and how to get it. My personal quotes, "Forgive your past before you affect someone's present and future." and "Your self worth and self esteem is not based on what one person thinks!" 

"Think before you speak. Think before you act. Anger doesn't last as long as regret will."

Success Stories

To know thy worth

A friend of mine had come to me seeking for advice about a girl he had been seeing for six months. Now he had done everything right with this girl. He had taken her on dates to restaurants, concerts, had flowers delivered to her work, you name it he had done it to show his affection for her. There was a ten year age gap between the pair. He was ten years older than her and she had just dumped by her ex boyfriend. Red flags were given to him all over the place. Such as not having sex, her comments about sex, which included that she didn't like having sex with anyone besides her ex and that she was damaged goods. Which of course meant she was not over her ex. I explained to him that she was not over her ex and he had given her ample enough time to express her feelings for him and it was time to cut this girl off. 

I had him remove her from his phone, remove her from his facebook, remove anything from his house that gave him any memory of this girl. I also had him block her phone number from his phone. I knew once he stopped communciation with her that she would wonder why and would try to contact him. She is the ultimate attention seeker. She used him to get the attention she needed for low self esteem. She had my friend on the side while her ex thought about whether or not he wanted her back. So either way in her mind if her ex didn't come back she still had a guy. Of course she wouldn't of been happy with my friend and would of continued to use him until a new guy she had actual feelings for came around, but he was someone who gave her things and gave her attention so he was good enough for the time being. 

Luckily, for my friend he has moved on and he is happier now that he has. He can now look at that situation and know in the future to not let that happen again. He is also looking for someone more around his age and someone looking for what he wants instead of someone who is just playing games. 

Main SpecialtyDating/Being Single Support
Empowering Women
CredentialsCLC, CPC, CRC
Time in Practice3-5 years
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
Additional ExpertiseDating Coach
Life Coach
Sex Educator
YourTango Expert Partner
I offer my servicesTelephone
By Email
Willing To Meet in Public Locations like Starbucks (please inquire)
Via Skype
Via a webcam
I am fluent inEnglish
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