How Long Should You Wait For Someone To Text Back?


How Long Should You Wait For Someone To Text Back?
How long do you wait to text someone back?

Texting is the easiest way of communication, but unfortunately it lacks that genuine response time or the "voice" you want it to have. With regards to dating this can be a detrimental thing. I know a lot of women who text a man and if they don't hear back with in that hour they have already gone through their minds about the last time they were together, could you have done something or said something wrong? Could he have decided to write you off as a potential date because of an ex or have they met someone new?

I love being able to text instead of calling because I am not easily accessible to talk on the phone. But, unfortunately because women are known  to be over-analyzers they think that the reasons someone is not contacting them back is because they have moved on or because they are doing something shady. When in reality it is because they are busy! Not everyone has the ability with their jobs or other activities to contact you back in a reasonable amount of time. 


Which brings me to my next point. What is a reasonable amount of time for someone to contact you back with regards to texting? Yes, we all have our phones on us at all times, but sometimes I will receive a text and mentally think of a response and actually forget to text them at that time because I am busy with other things. So, in my opinion if they don't respond within a day then something isn't right. And I recommend to turn off your read receipt on your iPhone because sometimes you get that notification and you end up not really reading it as your phone would like to point out.

We as a generation have made so many apps and so many websites to communicate easier, but honestly we shouldn't need all these different things to communicate. A lot of relationships fail because of trust and communication. So, if we have all of these ways to communicate, why are relationships still ending because of communication? It boggles my mind how easy it is to tell someone how you are feeling, but never tell it to the actual person, we instead go on Facebook and update our status.

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