Live With Your Ex? Don't Tell Your New Date


Live With Your Ex? Don't Tell Your New Date
When a guy tells you he lives with his ex start running!

My friend and I went out for drinks last night and we were talking to these guys and one of them drops the bomb that, he lives with his ex girlfriend. But then in the same statement says I have a lot of money. Really? 

If you live with an ex I understand leases and they are hard to get out of, but if in the same breath you say you have a lot of money than the lease should not be an issue. This guy was telling me you can call her and she will say we aren't together and he tells me to friend him on Facebook. And what does Facebook say.... he's in a relationship. Guys come on! Be truthful. If you are just looking for a hook up that's fine. But, lying with the internet being so prominent and you can find out about anyone online; it's not best to lie blatantly to someone's face! 


I feel bad for his girlfriend, because if she knew what he was out there doing she wouldn't be too thrilled. I ended up leaving the table. I can only handle so much pretentiousness in a span of an hour. And then when I saw he is in a relationship on Facebook that took it over the edge! 

I do not understand why men and women have to build themselves up! When he was talking his gibberish on I am in real estate which is a whole other story, I get defensive because it's like here I am I have this and that and what do you have? It gets annoying and too be honest I was bored! 

I do not get why it was ok in his mind that telling a girl he lives with his ex, but they aren't together and I can call her was necessary. And then for it to be a lie and he is in a relationship on Facebook, and no I do not believe someone just randomly forgets to remove that. I really would love to have a coaching session in my city for everyone and tell them do not do this!

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