What He's Really Looking For In A Woman


What He's Really Looking For In A Woman
Discover the qualities that make a man see you as the woman he just has to get to know.

Discover the qualities that make a man see you as the woman he just has to get to know.
Are you the kind of woman a great guy is attracted to and wants to have a deep,connected relationship with? Just what is it that makes a man see you as someone he thinks of as relationship material rather than something casual?
To share a few tips on how attraction works with men, let me tell you about the “cool girl”.
“Cool girl” is guy-speak for the kind of woman who is attractive to men in a way that even they can’t explain and won’t tell you about... but I will.
You see, “cool girl” is code for a woman who embodies certain qualities that, together, trigger attraction in a man – an emotionally mature man – at a deep level. Let me explain a bit more about what I mean...and what he’s thinking.
If you’ve ever heard a guy talk about a woman being a “cool girl”, you probably saw him talk about her with a smile.
A “cool girl” has a certain positive emotional energy that men can relate to. She might not necessarily be the most physically attractive woman in the room, but there’s just something about her that men find irresistible.
Here’s that “something”...
Cool girls bring funny, positive thoughts and feelings to situations to create an experience that men will want to have again and again.
That’s because a cool girl understands that creating a foundation of positive experiences with a man makes him connect to her so that he wants more and more of her in his life, not less.
Cool girls are willing to go with the flow when it comes to social things but make assertions when they have opinions and ideas.
Men, especially those with high-powered, stressful careers, don’t want more stress from the women in their lives. They want to come home to a woman who can be flexible about plans instead of rigid and set in her ways. However, they also respect a woman who has boundaries and says clearly and in plain language what is not okay with her.
Cool girls have options and things to do that keep them satisfied so they don’t feel like they’re left out if they’re not invited to something.
Learn How To Know What A Man Is Really Thinking
And even if they are left out, they don’t complain about it or even mention it – they find something to do that makes them happy. When you make a man your entire world, he starts to see you as another responsibility for him rather than a partner. Take responsibility for your own happiness, and you become that much more attractive to a man.
Cool girls prefer that a man make up his own mind; they don’t try to make a man do something.
Discover the qualities that make a man see you as the woman he just has to get to know.

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