The Secret Allure Of The 'Bad Boy'


The Secret Allure Of The 'Bad Boy'
Do you find yourself picking one wrong guy after the next? Spend 3 minutes improving your love life

Ever stop to realize that you don’t pick the right guys?
More to the point, do you find yourself picking one wrong guy after the next?
If so, you're about to spend the most useful 3 minutes you've ever spent on improving your future love life.
There's something I want you to do that I KNOW will improve your natural ability to understand a man's behavior, and why you’re choosing the wrong men.
Take 2 minutes of time to yourself and answer these 3 questions for yourself:
Question #1: What is it about “bad boys” or men that aren't “available” that is attractive to women? And to you?
Question #2: Have you ever dated a guy even though you knew he was a “bad boy?”
Question #3: Is there a “nice guy” in your life who would make a great companion but you're not attracted to or share a “connection” with?
Don't cheat yourself on these questions. Stop, go back, make sure you take at least a few minutes of time and think about just these questions.
This exercise is all about actively improving your ability to know what a good man looks like for YOU, and to help you pick the right man. Picking the wrong men can get you in all kinds of painful trouble it's hard to get free of.
As I say in my Inside The Mind of A Man DVD program… “the man you choose is the man you get.”

Learn How To Know What A Man Is Really Thinking

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Christian Carter

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