Are You Guilty of an Instant Relationship?


Are You Guilty of an Instant Relationship?
Did he suddenly stop calling you? Learn the reasons why & what will keep him calling again & again.

I’m going to tell you something that’s going to save you a ton of time – especially the hours you spend dissecting a man’s behavior.
When a man doesn’t call once you’ve connected in a deeper way, there are only three possible reasons why:

  1. He doesn’t know what to do with the connection you share because it’s not the right time for him
  2. He doesn’t know what to do with the connection you share because he’s not mature or capable of getting any closer
  3. Something was said or done that tells him that a relationship with you is not a fit for him.

There’s absolutely nothing you can do about the first two reasons. No matter how amazing you are, a man who isn’t ready for a relationship won’t suddenly become ready or mature because of anything you do, say, or are.
But screeching halt at number three, right? Your worst fears are confirmed: something you say or do CAN make a man turn in the opposite direction. Well, not exactly. It’s something else...



Many women, after knowing a guy for only a short while, let themselves get wrapped up in what I call an Instant Relationship. This is when a woman will already be thinking ahead that she is in a relationship with a guy, that they will be spending all their weekends together, and that he won’t be dating any other women.
And this happens when the guy hasn’t even talked about a relationship. Then the woman gets disappointed when it turns out he isn’t exclusive with her or isn’t making plans to see her on Friday.
So, instead of putting all your energy into creating this Instant Relationship, focus instead on drawing the man you want in and connecting with him on an emotional level. Here’s how...


Question: if a man were to simply join you in the things you were doing in your life... would he have a great time? Would he see you living a happy and full life? Would he be excited to be with you and do some of the things you’re doing?
Lots of women have great lives. But as soon as they meet a guy, they focus too much on giving to him or trying to please him.
They’ll do things like give up friends and hobbies and weekends for a man – only to realize that they “lost themselves” in the relationship.
Take a moment now to think about this. And then write down three things you can start doing for yourself that will make you more attractive to the kind of man you want to attract.

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