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Why Long Distance Relationships Suck


I thought long distance relationships were behind me. The heart break of this one got me good.

Go my heart out.  Throw it on the floor and stamp all over it!

A long distance relationship is excruciating.  This time when I left, I cried all the way to the airport.  Leaving him breaks my heart.  It feels as bad as any breakup I have experienced. 

I swore I would never do this to myself again.  I learned my lesson back in college with the boys that would promise you the moon and then disappear into the distance between us.

This time though, I took a chance.   I opened myself up in a new way and we took our relationship to a new level.  Even though we have known each other for two years now I am still in love.  Absolutely adorable with a quick wit and amazing energy, he keeps me engaged and entertained when we are together and that keeps me going while we are apart.

He is a natural flirt and even though he easily attracts the attention of all the women in the room, I am strangely not jealous.   He honestly doesn't see how attractive he is.

Just thinking about him puts a smile on my face. He has the best laugh and even though he gets a bit moody from time to time, he recovers quickly.  He lets insults and offenses get to him for a couple of scary moments, he has a bit of a temper, but he never holds a grudge and before you know it, he is happy again.

While he is a little controlling, as long as I communicate clearly and simply, he is always willing to negotiate our differences. I think it is his innocence that impresses me the most.  He has an uncanny ability to access his playful side.  He is a sweet thoughtful guy most of the time.  I miss him already.

He does still live with his family and that is a bit problematic. Sometimes he is too busy to speak to me when I call and I am disappointed but when he does take time to connect with me, I am done in.

It is definitely worth waiting for. I am not sure when we will be seeing one another again.  I hope it is not too long.  My heart aches for him when we are not together.  I am lucky that my husband is an understanding man.

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