5 Steps to Manifest Love With New Moon Solar Eclipse


5 Steps to Manifest Love With New Moon Solar Eclipse
There's enough magic here for believer and skeptic alike.....Venus is in retrograde too!

Even if you don't follow astrology at all, there are certain events in the sky that you just can't miss. Sunday, May 20 is one of those days. Both the New Moon and a Solar Eclipse are happening at the same time. I am an astrology fan and have consulted both quirky and quacky astrologers in my day and there are a couple of astrology websites that I follow.

I don't read my horoscope every day but I do tune in when I have an important decision to make and knowing my Scorpio nature helps me manage my emotional energy for sure.


Anyway, when I started to research this particular New Moon Solar Eclipse and what it symbolizes when it comes to giving and receiving love, I was astounded. You see, I am going through my own challenge involving family relationships right now and I am excited about creating my New Moon intentions because of the double power of this energy in the sky.

Some women are surprised when I talk about my experience with deep emotional pain.  It is true I have my soul mate, but that is no get out of jail free card when it comes to having a broken heart.  

According to darkstarastrology.com, "The aim of all this (Venus in Retrograde) is to resolve painful karmic memories. We are being forced to face our inner pain in relation to love, the pain of being dumped or humiliated by infidelity, or the karmic pain cause by doing this to others. Moon quincunx Venus tells of the emotional tension caused by the pain, within the family, and especially for the women affected, the wife, mothers, sisters and daughters."  

Here's the thing, this is exactly what is happening to me. I know it could be coincidental but the drama that my family member is going through is painful for me...often catching me by surprise with intensity.  My heart is breaking for this loved one and the pain is real.

Then thinking of this weekend's New Moon Solar Eclipse Soul Mate Manifesting Ritual, once again I was so happy to see this: "Venus square Chiron means we are forced, through events and through relationships, to face the pain of the past. By doing so, the difficult work of healing the pain can begin, this is the nature of Chiron, wounding to heal."

This is the missing piece.  If you are not with the love of your life, you can be sure that a hidden grudge or broken heart is radiating a fearful careful energy that is cold and prickly to warm hearted lovers out there.

This New Moon in Gemini and Solar Eclipse brings with it long-awaited breakthroughs, says californiapsychics.com, and breakups and breakdowns are ready to let go. Don't be surprised if old friends and lovers call or cross your path. It is time to clean house and let yourself grieve what needs to be grieved and get on with it.

Like the process a priceless hand crafted violin goes through in its restoration, this is a time of sandpapering and steel wooling the no longer needed layers separating you from love. If you have been particularly moody this week it is a sure sign that you are already resonating with the energy that is coming.

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