How To Have An Affair Without Getting Caught


I believe honesty with your partner is #1. But if you're going to have an affair here's how to do it

An interesting thing happens when you speak to hundreds of people who have ended relationships because their partner cheated; you actually learn how to have an affair. I have actually been asked by those in relationships to share with them how to have an affair so they don’t get caught! For the record, I do not condone planning an affair or extra-marital relationships. I believe if you’re contemplating cheating, my advice is to always try and solve your issues BEFORE you decide to stray, or end your relationship first. Nonetheless, for those of you choosing to explore an outside relationship, this article is for you.

Choose your partner wisely.
Most people choosing to have an affair do NOT want to get caught.  There’s multiple reasons why you justify an outside relationship such as feeling neglected, poor communication, lack of passion, boredom, not enough sex, disappointment in your partner or you’ve met someone you just can’t resist but don’t want to leave your comfortable home life. Typically YOU want to be in control of the arrangement and be upfront with the person you are cheating on your partner with. Make it crystal clear to the person you are having an affair with, what the rules are. You will run the risk of playing the star role in your own soap opera if you don't. Choose someone whose relationship expectations are in line with yours. Avoid people who may not be emotionally stable or show signs of neediness. The website of choice for those seeking extra-marital affairs is Ashley Madison.


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