Salute These Sexy Veterans On Memorial Day


Elvis Presley in his army uniform
Elvis Presley and 9 others who are veterans of both Hollywood and the military.

While there are many celebrities who define public service as putting in two nightclub appearances in a single evening (we're looking at you, Brody Jenner), there are a few that recognize that there is a world bigger than product endorsements and tabloid covers. The men on this list are some of our favorite celebrity military veterans who have put our country's needs before their own.

For your selflessness, gentleman, YourTango salutes you.


1) Rob Riggle
Why would a man with the desire to be a comedian choose to join the Marines at only 19 years of age? Well, in his own words: "I chose the Marine Corps because I believed they offered the greatest challenge. I wanted to see if I had what it took to become a Marine." In fact, the former Daily Show correspondent credits his time in the military with giving him the mental strength to continue striving for his dream in spite of years of rejection. We sure are grateful he kept at it! Although he's made many people laugh with his work on Saturday Night Live and his roles in The Office and Arrested Development, Riggle takes his military work seriously.  Besides completing missions in Liberia, Albania, Kosovo and Afghnistan, he was one of the first people to help clear the rubble at Ground Zero after the attacks on the World Trade Center. In his 20 years of service (and counting!) with the Marine Corps, he's earned many awards, such as the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.  For his work on-camera, he has our attention, but for his work on the front lines, he has our respect and gratitude.

2) Mark Valley
Valley is a graduate of West Point, where he earned his degree in mathematics. He was a part of Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf War, and he was stationed in Berlin for almost five years. It was in Germany that someone finally noticed how attractive and charismatic Mark was. Soon, he was landing roles on E.R. and Boston Legal. Talent, looks, and strength? His Fringe co-star (and wife) Anna Torv is a lucky lady! How To Keep A Military Marriage Strong

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