Celebs' Thoughts On Tiger and Jesse's Sex Scandals


Tiger Woods
Hollywood weighs in on Tiger Woods and Jesse James.

If you think that regular civilians are the only ones who have an opinion on Hollywood scandals, think again. Lots of celebrities have voiced their opinion over the Tiger Woods and Jesse James scandals. Here's a roundup of what some have said, according to US Magazine, PopEater and ABC News, among other sources.

Hugh Hefner: Apparently, the man with multiple girlfriends has a strong stance on the sanctity of marriage. Per Celebitchy we've learned that Hugh Hefner's reaction to Jesse James' actions was to say, "When you get married, you make a commitment. I had a lot of girlfriends, but it's not the same as cheating. I am very open about what I do... I think that when you are in a relationship, you should be honest. The real immorality of infidelity is the lying." Tiger Woods didn't escape from Hugh's wrath, ether. In reference to the golfer, the Playboy mogul said, "He can [go to rehab] if he wants to. But this whole idea that it’s a sex addiction is a copout...He did it because he could get away with it.” We think Elin might agree with Hef's sentiments. Elin's Divorcing Tiger: Nike Video Was Last Straw


Donald Trump: As quoted on Perez Hilton's website, The Donald had some strong words for Jesse James. He said, "I don't think he's a changed man or will be a changed man. I found out how many things he did. I don't think he can get Sandra back." He's also quoted as saying, "Jesse did something very foolish—obviously. I think it's very unfortunate." Trump had some encouragement for Tiger, though. He said, "He's had a very interesting and very traumatic couple of weeks...But I know Tiger and he's a wonderful guy. Tiger is going to be hotter than ever. Mark my words."

Terrell Owens: "I do think Tiger has done a great job of trying to apologize and being contrite, and so I think that's the first and foremost thing you can do is be remorseful about it. I wish him well and hope he and his family rebounds." An apology makes a good start, but we think it's important that you really mean it. Is Bomshell's Apology to Sandra Bullock Sincere?

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