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The Best Of YourTango Walks Down The Aisle


You'll love YourTango's content this week so much, you just might marry it.

Here comes the roundup of this week's YourTango stories. This week's Best Of is all about marriage. Celebrity engagements, proposal hints and the complicated reality that awaits once you're hitched.

Celeb Love: Jake Has Engagement Ring Under Tree For Reese
Is Gyllenspoon making it legal this Christmas?

Love Buzz: Marriage. It's Complicated. Is It Worth It?
Sometimes you can't help but wonder...

Tomfoolery: Man Quits Woman, Marries Video Game Character
His love may be real, but the object of his affection is not.

Essay: Top 7 Rekindled Celebrity Romances
May it work the second time around.

Community Blog: The Ninja Turtles Theory Of Love
At 7, she wanted to marry Michaelangelo. Now, she sees the benefits to dating the Donatellos and Leonardos of the world.

Video: How To Know If He'll Propose
The writing is on the wall before the ring is on your finger.


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