4 Tips To Make The Most Of An 'Aha' Moment


4 Tips To Make The Most Of An 'Aha' Moment [EXPERT]
An "aha moment" is an epiphany or revelation. Have you had one lately?

We've all had aha moments ... that sudden thrill of something you hadn't understood before, the glimpse of a possibility, that moment when you finally "get it." Merriam-Webster recently added the term to its famous dictionary, and defines it as: a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension. 5 Ways To Be Happier In A Relationship

Such a moment is often exciting or uplifting, as your brain is highly stimulated by finding useful meaning in a new discovery, and some aha moments can be very valuable if you know what to do with them.


The thrill factor probably had something to do with survival in our evolutionary past. A caveman suddenly realizes that wolves are afraid of fire. Wow, this could be big! But the lasting value of this realization depends on what he does with it. If he keeps the fire going, he stays alive. If he forgets about it, he's wolf chow.

The thrill factor also helps him remember better and remembering and following through are the really big parts of aha moments. Today's aha moments may not have much to do with survival, but they can still be valuable. Here are four things you should do with an aha moment:

1.Write it down. The thrill factor may not be enough to keep it alive in your memory long enough to figure out what to do with it. We have a lot of distractions in our lives and new ideas have not been reinforced by years of repetition like old habits. So the new connection you've made can be quickly forgotten and hard to retrieve. Those Who Knew: Why The Silence About Sexual Abuse?

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