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Women in complicated relationships
Men in complicated relationships

Women in complicated relationships

Life has become better, more manageable

I joined Bottled-up looking for solutions, ideas and coping skills to cope with living with a problem drinker in my case my husband. I have allowed his drinking let my life become unmanagable both for myself, my children and even…

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Given me an avenue of release

I found Bottled Up by accident one night, while browsing the net and after a couple of nights of reading (and liking) the philosophy in it and behind it, I decided to become a member. Without a doubt it has…

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Men in complicated relationships

A more meaningful dialogue with my partner

I have found Bottled-Up to be of great help in changing my own behaviour - I realised that if I simply kept on repeating nagging, arguing, threatening et, I would just repeat the same cycle as before.

By staying calm and…

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Dr John McMahon & Lou Lewis

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Articles by Dr John McMahon & Lou Lewis

Why Do Alcoholics Refuse To Stop Drinking?

It is baffling that everyone can see the problems, yet alcoholics still refuse to stop, here is why.

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From Philip Seymour Hoffman To Shawn Pyfrom: Life As An Addict

Philip Hoffman died of a drug overdose and actor Shawn Pyfrom is currently in recovery.

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How Can He Love Me, But Not Put Down The Drink?

He says he loves yet when you ask him to cut down his drinking he won't, how can you believe him?

Family Night

Help: My Children's Father Has A Drinking Problem

How do you tell your children their parent abuses alcohol?

Abusive Relationships: The Secret World Of The Alcoholics Partner

Buried Alive: The Secret World Of The Alcoholic's Partner

Are you buried alive in shame and secrecy of living with an alcoholic? Learn how to break free.

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A former alcoholic turned tutelary for other ...
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Dr John McMahon & Lou Lewis

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