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Hi, I’m Julia, I work as a CognitiveOS Hypnosis therapist, people call it profession, for me it is a life purpose. My mission is to help those who are in emotional pain, discomfort or confusion get to the desired state of being.

I see therapy as a 'professional companionship' which i offer to those who is longing for change, searching and trying to be a fulfilled human being.

I help my clients to get out of the place of a victim and come to a place of personal power and responsibility of own life and happiness. As a result the focus of attention is being shifted from the past to the present and future, the client can focus on what is really important for them and get the motivation and resources to get there. 

I don't believe in helping my clients find ways to cope with their problems, i work with the core of the issues. In most of the cases it is codependency or attachment to external sources of love, attention, validation, safety and leadership. Once cleared, the client is ready to face their real selves and go for their maximum potential.


Julia Lyubchenko

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Julia Lyubchenko

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Julia Lyubchenko

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