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Bonnie Olson

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1-3 years

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All areas, please inquire

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Career Coach

Dating Coach

Family Coach

Health Coach



Spiritual Coach

Wellness Coach

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At my office


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Willing To Meet in Public Locations like Starbucks (please inquire)

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Articles by Bonnie Olson
Jump For Joy

Maya Angelou's Greatest Accomplishment

By letting go of negative self-identification, you too can live an exceptional life.

Life Coach: The Questions You Should Ask Before You Commit

8 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Commit To A Partner

Before you make the big choice of a partner, take time to ask some very important questions.

How To Reawaken Your Inner 6 Year Old!

Magic and the excitement of the unknown can take us to that inner child. See how I got there, fast!


What Your Dreams Mean: Analysis For A Better Self

Dreams hold messages for us from our subconscious mind. Learn how you can translate these messages!

Gift Of Unconditional Love In Dating, Relationships, & Marriage

3 Ways You Can Show Unconditional Love

Choosing love over fear begins with you.

Bonnie Olson

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Anxiety Issues, Body Image, Codependency, Communication Problems, Eating & Food Issues, Life Management, Life Transitions, Midlife Crisis, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Trust Issues, Wellness, Worry