5 Hot & Steamy Coffee Shop Pickup Lines


5 Hot & Steamy Coffee Shop Pickup Lines
Why yes, I do come here often. Pull up a seat.
If you frequent coffee shops more than bars, these 5 lines will surely perk up your love life.

As a blogger I spend a lot of time in coffee shops. So much so that most of my relationships begin (and also end) in caffeinated settings. At UR CUP Coffee, my favorite coffee shop in Chelsea and Greenwich Village, the baristas have become like family and they love dishing on the crazy happenings of their coffee consuming clientele. I've heard stories of crushes, affairs and first dates, but what I thoroughly enjoy are the pick-up lines they over hear. These lines are the cheesiest but when spoken over a hot Americano, they seem to take on the smooth and stimulating properties of the beverage. 

1. Is This Seat Taken?
In the era the coffice, seating and outlet-access in coffee shops like UR CUP are prime real estate. This gives you the perfect excuse to pull up a seat next to hottie.

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2. Come Here Often?
This may be the only time you can utter these words and not sound like a 70s pickup artist. Or worse, a pickup artist in their 70s. Also, unlike bar regulars, coffee shop regulars love sharing the fact they were the first customers and that they come in daily. "You see that five dollar bill on the wall? That's this girls". This will lead into a great conversation about other great places in the area, giving you an opportunity to invite them to try out said places.

3. Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just You?
This is an advanced level of flirting where your timing has to be impeccable. You have to laugh and immediately correct yourself. "Haha I meant is it just me! Did they turn up the heat or something?" Since public spaces like coffee shops are notoriously over or under heated, you two may bond over the uncomfortable room temperature. Makes for a lovely story for the grandkids no?

4. Do You Like It Hot?
Please be sure you're pointing to their beverage so they know what you're referring to. I don't want to be responsible for you being banned from your favorite coffee place. You can find out the rest later. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

5. I’m Sorry But Don’t I Know You?
This can yield the same results as "Come here often?" but if you're in New York City or L.A. you may run into an actor, dancer, blogger, Instagram celebrity or former reality TV star. If this is the case run or pull up a chair and ask them for the Wi-Fi password.

Do you have any successful pick up lines? Share them below!

For more caffeinated dating tips tune in to my web series 50 States of Dating. It premieres this Valentine’s Day but you can watch the trailer now!

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