3 Body Language Secrets To Get Noticed In A Bar


3 Body Language Secrets To Get Noticed In A Bar
Actions speak louder than words...especially body language.

Imagine walking into a crowded bar and fielding your way through swarms of bodies to get a drink. Once at the bar, you squeeze in between a couple of people, order a drink and face the bartender. You hear great conversations on either side of you and notice no one is looking your way. You give yourself a quick once over in the mirror behind the bartender. Your hair, make up and outfit are all in place and you look fab. So what gives? You might be surprised to know that your body language is screaming, "factory closed."

To get noticed immediately, it’s all about where you stand at the bar and changing your body language to signal that you’re "open for business." Most people have a tendency to make a beeline to the end of the bar, face the bartender and look around the room every now and then. To flip the script, the first secret is that the next time you walk into a bar, place yourself directly in the middle of the bar. By doing so, you’re framing yourself between people. Thereby, sending the message that you’re to be noticed. Think about what we put into frames: diplomas, certificates, and photos. We frame items that are important or significant to us.


The second secret is to make your presence known by turning around to face the room. By looking out and facing everyone, you’re sending the message that you’re approachable. You’re subtly inviting others to come talk to you.

The third secret is to keep your body language open. This means keep your arms by your sides or outstretched on the bar behind you or propping your elbows on the bar behind you. You may even want to cock your hip to one side and put your hand on that hip. By having open body language, you’re letting everyone see what you’ve got to offer. See for yourself how quickly you'll get attention with these simple yet effective body language secrets! 

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