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Girl Power! 3 Ways Embracing Femininity Can Improve Your Business

I am reclaiming my feminine sparkle—and oh, it's soooo fun! As a little girl, I spent hours playing with dolls and dressing up in my mother's fancy clothes. I loved to sing and dance around the living room. I was free and light hearted. And then…when I was 14, my parents divorced. I ...

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3 Reasons You Struggle Financially

I recently saw a documentary about financial inequity in India. One segment highlighted Indian billionaires in Mumbai who are building skyscrapers as personal residences. Their view? Hundreds of acres of slums. When one of these billionaires was asked by the film’s commentator how he felt about the ...

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How Self-Love Changed My Life

If you’ve had your Life Purpose Blueprint identified, you know what your Life School is, whether it is Peace, Wisdom, Love or Service. I am in the School of Love and isn’t that the truth! My life tests and my life rewards all revolve around relationships. The most potent relationship, for any of us, ...

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3 Steps To Spiritual Freedom

Do you feel free all the time? As in free to express your feelings, your point of view, your creativity, your sexuality, your spiritual truth? Freedom isn't about doing what you want whenever you want; freedom is about the discipline to do what you truly desire, for your highest good, whenever you want. ...

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3 Ways To Ignite Your Inner Rock Star

Rock Star. The dictionary tells us it's a noun, meaning "famous singer of rock music." Uh huh, thank you for that illumination. "Rock star" has come to mean someone who makes a ...

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Girl Power! 3 Ways Embracing Femininity Can Improve Your Business

How to use feminine energy to your advantage.


3 Reasons You Struggle Financially

...and what you can do about it.


3 Steps To Spiritual Freedom

Trust your soul to know what will bring you happiness.

Party Time

3 Ways To Ignite Your Inner Rock Star

We rock, we rock, we rock on!

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