It Takes Courage To Manifest Love


It Takes Courage To Manifest Love
Powerful new book brings a new tool to your soulmate attraction plan.

In the popular movie We Bought A Zoo, I loved when a teenage boy remembers the moment his father taught him that you only have to have courage and be brave for 20 seconds to make something great happen.

This got me thinking about all the people who share with me that they "fear getting hurt again" as if that is a strong enough excuse not to do the work of getting prepared for love.


There is always risk when getting into a order to find your soulmate, you need to deal with accepting that risk. What if the character in that movie was right? What if you only had to focus for 20 seconds to rise above a fearful challenge?

My sister Debbie's new book on the subject of courage and confidence is the ideal addition to your soulmate attraction plan.

Once again she is at her best sharing tools to help you move gracefully and steadily through your fear of love and potential rejection. No wonder I am so proud to announce the release of:

Courage: Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self-Confidence.

Debbie is an expert on this topic. Three years ago she was told that a rare form of cancerous tumors, that had been surgically removed a decade ago, had come back.

There is no known cure for what she has. But, they told her, there were a variety of treatments to try. Many of which made her even sicker than she already was. Some days she could barely lift her head off the pillow. She endured pain as well as the fear that she might die.

At one point she was confined to bed for 18 months. And yet, through it all, she dug deep to find the courage to live. The courage to try both traditional and experimental treatments. The courage to travel to major hospitals and cancer centers around the country in search of a cure.

She even sat down with Oprah for an hour-long in-depth interview on the OWN network baring her soul and sharing her story with the world.

Today she is doing so much better and she is out of bed and in control of her life looking forward to a very bright future.

During this difficult time, Debbie finished her new book, Courage and in it she shares her proven process...a process for overcoming fear, insecurity and unlocking the enormous courage that resides within.

Debbie has excelled in the school of life, overcoming drug addiction, divorce, a heartbreaking betrayal, and the grave cancer diagnosis. For decades, she has been helping people break free from the emotional baggage that has held them hostage.

In this new book she outlines a transformational process that will deliver you to a version of yourself and your life that will inspire, excite and exhilarate you. You will discover how to accept and transform your flaws, your misgivings, your weaknesses, and your fears.

You will learn how to be confident, stand in your strength, and feel great about your life. You will activate the seven guiding principles of courage to become strong, powerful, confident and courageous.

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Arielle Ford is the bestselling author of the highly acclaimed relationship book, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest the Love of your Life with the Law of Attraction.  She is celebrating the release of her latest book in January 2012, WABI SABI LOVE: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships.
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