How to Get That One Special Girl by Antoinette Cabral.


How to Get That One Special Girl by Antoinette Cabral.
Learn the powerful 7 step system that guarantees you success in finding a high quality woman!

A radiant and confident is passionate about life.  She brings joy and happiness to the people around her.  Her energy is magnetic because she radiants pleasure, passion and play in her own life.  People are drawn to her positive energy, body language and open heart.  You feel inspired by her beauty and passion.

IMAGINE waking up next to this beautiful woman who is your true partner.  You want to do great things in life and are inspired by each other. She believes in you, and you want to make the world a better place together!


How do you find and attract this special girl in your life?

You must be the man that this radiant and confident woman chooses.  I created a powerful and proven 7 step system that when you master guarantees that you get this special girl.  Each step must be mastered in order for you to succeed.  When you get to the top of the stairs, you Get That One Special Girl! It is my goal to help support you in manifesting a sexy and thriving relationship with a woman.

Step 1:  Embrace your confidence, not arrogance as a man.  A high quality woman is attracted to a man that is confident.  A man who is arrogant or thinks that he is attractive repels a radiant and confident woman’s attention.

Step 2:  Be both strong and sensitive at the same time.  The modern woman craves a man who knows his strength as a man, yet is open to providing a woman’s need to communicate, connect and be vulnerable.

Step 3:  Understand feminine biology, emotions and energetics.  A woman's essence is spontaneous, creative, flowing, connective, playful and mysterious....all the things that you LOVE about a woman.  You love how different we are than you, but it drives you crazy that we change our minds and moods more than you do.  Admit it!  We are a mystery to you, and you love this about us.

Step 4:  Release past relationship blocks.  If you haven’t healed and learned from your past relationships, then you can not move forward to make room for this new relationship.  The past affects the present.  The biggest gift you can give to yourself is heal, forgive and let go.  When you do, your heart will be open for this new adventure in relationship.

Step 5:  After you clear your relationship blocks, you will get clarity on what type of relationship is best for you.  Instead of going by the initial chemistry the two of you, you have to see how truly compatible you are.  Can you feel comfortable to be yourself around her?  Is she someone you can take home to your family and friends?  Do you both want to have children?  Are you both monogamous?  Do you have compatible interests?  Is your lifestyle compatible?

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