12 Ways For The Gray Divorcé To Win At Dating


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How to make the most of modern dating with updated appearance, new attitude, and positive actions.

Record numbers of boomer couples are opting out of unsatisfactory marriages and starting over. The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about the impact of the soaring divorce rate for those over fifty. Unlike those of previous generations who divorced later in life, newly single boomers expect to date, find love, and possibly remarry. Don't Let Attraction Blind You To Dating Dealbreakers

But, many discover that the modern dating landscape is far more complicated than it was just a few years ago. You can simplify your re-entry into successful dating by following these twelve steps:


When you were married, you may have opted for a comfortable, conservative style of clothing. If you continue to do so, you're sending signals that you're not available. Take advantage of a man's visual nature by making the most of your appearance. After all, he'll never get the chance to meet the "real you" unless you attract his attention. 

  1. Update your wardrobe to reflect your single lifestyle. Pay attention to fashion worn by attractive, stylish women your age and body-type. Pay attention to details, such as colors, shoes, and accessories. Keep those ideas in mind when you shop.
  2. Not only does regular exercise keep your body in shape, it helps your posture and improves your skin tone. If you exercise just twenty minutes a day, you'll exude a stronger sense of attractiveness. 3 Ways To Attract Men If You Don’t Look Like A Model
  3. Your makeup needs to evolve every few years, so treat yourself to a makeover. You'll look younger, fresher, and more up-to-date than if you continue using the same products that worked for you years ago.
  4. Pay attention to your body language. Smile often, make eye contact with as many people as possible, and uncross your arms.

Don't save your new look for later. Always look your best when you leave the house. You never know when you're going to meet a great guy.


A sense of insecurity, negativity, or scarcity is likely to hinder your attractiveness. Treat dating as if it's an adventure.

  1. Men are attracted to confident, playful women. Stick to light, fun conversational topics when you meet someone new. If you hit it off, you can talk about the heavy stuff when you know each other better. Taxicab Theory of Dating [VIDEO]
  2. Look at attraction as an opportunity to discover whether you are compatible and want the same things, rather than as a sign that "he's The One."
  3. Be open to dating two or three men at a time. Don't presume that he's not dating anyone else, even if you're seeing each other regularly. Never commit to someone who has not asked you to do so.
  4. Think about dating as if you were test-driving a car. Before you choose him, make sure that you're compatible and want the same things together.

These attitudes foster attraction and inspire men to want to get to know you better — and maybe even to commit.


Increase your odds of meeting the right one by taking positive actions.

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