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7 Tips for Keeping Romance Alive

7 Tips for Keeping Romance Alive

1. Routine is the deadly killer of fun and romance.  The best way to keep things interesting is to learn as much as you can about what he enjoys, what he likes - and of course, hopefully you like these things too - and then plan to actually DO these things.

2. Don't lose the "date night" energy that's always there at the beginning! Plan a date night at least once a week - or as often as is realistic for you.

3. Surprise him - all men love surprises. Show him you're thinking about him in the little ways that count. Leave a note for him, do something special, buy some sexy lingerie - whatever you think he'll enjoy!

4. Plan romance - how about something sexy? Perhaps a bubble bath for two with candle light? Get creative! It doesn't have to cost money to have a fun, sexy, romantic time!

5. Keep flirting! It's necessary to keep the sparks flying!

6. Don't get overly comfortable. Pay attention to the things you pay attention to in the beginning! Be sure you look your best, your breath is fresh, your hair looks nice. If you wear makeup, keep it up! Be yourself, but don't let yourself go now that you've "got him".

7. Keep your Positive Attitude! It's easy to be positive in the beginning when things are exciting! But, as you get to know each other, it's easy to begin picking on the negatives. We're all human. We all have our "stuff".  Focus on the positive things you found that attracted you in the beginning. This is not to suggest however, that you ignore red flags.


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