Do Women Judge Men By Their Penis Sizes?


Do Women Judge Men By Their Penis Sizes?
Step up your game to make her forget all about it.

"I love cybersex because it lets me make love to a woman without her seeing what I look like. Don't get me wrong. I am the man they are looking for. A 6'2, blonde with blue eyes and a day old stubble. So why am I hiding out in cyber land? I am, shall we say, under endowed. When I discovered cyber sex, suddenly I could satisfy a woman without having her seeing how small my dick is. How do I try again and chance it with another real time woman?"

Thank you so much for writing to me. It took a lot of courage. Being insecure about the size of your dick is common among guys. I know you wish you were different but you are not alone. Check out this video of the strangest penis enlargement ideas from around the world. Click Here

Here are 5 tips to make your woman care less what size you are down there.

1. Put her orgasm first. Now I know this sounds simplistic but I am telling you the truth. There are not many women out there who have had a man focus on her pleasure. Learn to be an amazing lover.

2. Be honest with your woman. If you put it the right way, you can win a woman's heart with your story of being rejected by your peers when you were growing up. Women are suckers for a hard luck story and will be your champion if you spin it right.

3. Massage is the magic elixir. I don't know one single woman who is not over stressed these days. Massage her shoulders and back while keeping your sexual desires in check. You will win her. There is nothing like a man's strong hands on a tired body.

4. Kiss her. Let me repeat, kiss her! Most men kiss with much more romantic intensity before a girl has sex with them. Keep kissing her like you did the first time. She will be panting for your company. I promise. Kiss her. 

5. Text/Sext and tease her with your words. Women love texting. Use her love of her phone to romance her until you are together again. You may hate texting and think she does it too much. But once you see how much you can turn her on with your fingers on that keyboard, you will be all over it.

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