Imagine If You Could Really Get His Attention In Loving You


Imagine If You Could Really Get His Attention In Loving You
Have you felt like everything would be "okay" in your relationship if you could get his attention?

If you are finding yourself almost desperately trying to get the attention of a man you are already deep into a relationship with, or a new man who you just KNOW likes you, you may be - instinctively - doing all the WRONG things.

And it is not your fault... women have been taught to treasure men so much, to consider them to be such prizes, that no matter what you do, or how "cool" you try to be, your emotions get caught up when your around a man you like... you find yourself struggling with yourself about what to do and how to behave?


Whether to run to meet him when he comes home or just say "Hi," and "How's your day?"

Whether to ignore him or invite him out... call him or forget about him... turn to him in bed and try to get something started again, or stay up sleepless?

Where you start to feel like nothing you do is ever going to get you what you want, whether it is a new man you have just seen or the man you are with right now who has been taking you for granted... and it feels like it is just always going to be the same, and it is just too much hard work?

I know how frustrating and painful that is... it is very much the same for men in many ways.

When I was "between" women, and I either had my eye on a woman, or there was no woman in sight, I felt such a sense of competition with other men it made me feel sick to my stomach... I always felt so "on edge," like I was always in a kind of "store window display" if a woman showed up... like I had to preen and be cute and clever to get her interest... and if there were lots of women, it was like being in a candy store with closed counters.

I felt like I had to "go get" the women... almost hunt them down... knock on the closed glass cases they were behind... in order to try to make contact.

I hated it... I hated the results, too.

I often worked so hard at it that I successfully went home with a woman, or got a "meet up" with a woman... sometimes even a short-term relationship... it never even occurred to me that there was another way to do it.

Until I met a really lovely woman, and I was in a mental place I had never been before, where I had stopped working so hard... yes I approached her, and she was cool... instead of jumping at the opportunity, or falling into my pit of anger and despair from all my past "relationships" that never worked out, I just leaned back and relaxed and run the show and row the boat.

And she never once let me down... until we were married... then, a new kind of need and desperation got a hold of me and after a year and a half of marriage, she pulled away... and there I was, stuck.

It was not like another one of those imaginary relationships where she would walk away after 2 months.

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