How To Grow Your Masculine Balls Back Part 1


How To Grow Your Masculine Balls Back Part 1
"The "Player And Why Women Use The Myth To "Beat Up" On Men And Masculinity!

Men everywhere live in constant frustration.

Some of it is sexual.


A lot of it is psychological.

First off, we as men are being made to think that sleeping with a woman is a privilege.

It is a gift from them to us, and we need to work hard to be worthy of it.

Otherwise it is hand lotion and Internet porn sites for you.

I personally find this state of mind to be incomprehensible.

There is a big word for that and I will keep it clean and say...

"What a load of old beliefs."

It still stuns me that so many men honestly think that they need to push, beg, and trick women into giving women... WHAT WOMEN WANT already.

And the biggest source of frustration for the man who wants to learn the path of the Masculine Man is... not wanting to BE a "player."

This comes from many places, really.

It has its roots with women who talk down the "Player" as a heart breaker.

A jerk.

A man-about-town with no scruples.

Then there is the stereotype of the player, like Quagmire on "The Family Guy."

Giggidy, giggidy, gig-gi-dy!

He is a one-dimensional stereotype.

He is the guy in all the movies that needs to be taught a lesson by a willful woman who eventually "tames him" and he declares his undying love.

Just watch any of those dumb-ass movies out there today and you will see what I mean.

The "Player" does not exist at least, not in the way you are probably imagining him.

Because this is a fantasy, along with the same trashy plot lines of half the romance novels and movies out there.

Girl meets guy.

Guy is a wild bad boy... "The Player."

Girl has torrid romance with guy.

Girl breaks up with guy.

Guy discovers the error of his "player" ways and wants girl back.

Girl tames guy.

Ange throws up.

Look, men that sleep around with a lot of women and recklessly hurt them are FEW and far in between.

And this is something I do NOT condone and NEVER will. 

In fact, this cardboard stereotype of the "player" is just an urban myth, and very much the invention of the media and marketing for being a "Pick Up Artist."

Strange how the "pick up artist" never really existed until 10 years ago!

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