How To Blow His Mind With Your Mouth


How To Blow His Mind With Your Mouth
Do You Know The Top 7 Techniques For Blowing His Mind With Your Mouth?

Please Be Aware This Article Contains Content Of An INTIMATE Nature

This is the most advanced and sophisticated information you will ever read about oral sex... I am not trying to be arrogant here... and I suppose there might be something out there that I did not find and trust me... I LOOKED.


There Are Two Parts To This Article...

The first part is the truth about why oral sex is important... what it means to a man... how it reveals who you are as a lover and as a couple... and how to drive a man into pleasure that goes beyond his body and rocks him to the very core of his being... through the simple act of a blowjob.

In the second part I consolidated the responses of many men who anonymously described the best blowjob they had ever received in their life and what particular techniques drove them wild with pleasure.

Do I have your attention?

Good... let us get started...

"What one wants is unrestrained passion, fire for fire." ~ Henry Miller


I am sure I do not need to tell you that hygiene is particularly important when it comes to oral sex... and let me be specific... it is totally okay for you to insist on having his cock in exactly the condition that you like it best... that usually means well and recently cleaned with soap and water.

As I will explain further in a moment... his enjoyment of the experience is fundamentally connected to YOUR enjoyment... so this is a good place to start... you might also consider requesting that he shave.

I know some men have objections to this as they may consider it effeminate... and if YOU have objections to it because you prefer a man to have manly body hair... then by all means... skip this one... and if you and he are willing to do a little experimenting... assuming he is not already shaving down there... I recommend trying this out... it keeps the area cleaner and fresher... and here is how you sell him on it... it makes the sensations of your lips and tongue on his skin much more pleasurable.

If your man has concerns about the seemingly impossible task of shaving the wrinkled skin of his scrotum... you can give him this good news... for reasons not understood by modern science... you can run a regular wet razor over the scrotum and it will not nick or cut... it is scary... and all he has to fear is fear itself.

And the sensation afterwards will be well worth overcoming his terror... if he asks how you know all of this... you will have to use your best judgement between "Radical Honesty" and "Jenny told me that her boyfriend shaves and he told her and she told me."

Sex is only interesting when it releases passion... the more extreme and the more expressed that passion is... the more unbearable does life seem without it.... it reminds you that if passion dies or is denied... you are partly dead and that soon... come what may... you will be wholly so.

This article was originally published at Gender Education for Human Relationships . Reprinted with permission.
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