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As a licensed, private practice psychotherapist in both Tarzana, CA and Beverly Hills, CA, I spend my days working to bring out couples and individuals 'best selves' by providing solutions, tools, empathy and education to alleviate the stresses of even the toughest "Life Issues."

Having started my career as early as college, working as a "Peer Counselor,' I was roused to pursue my professional ambitions through my work in mental health clinics and family centers.  I quickly learned that the client is the expert on themselves, but that emotional roadblocks impeded their successes.  From that point forward, I become dedicated to learning everything possible to help my clients attain their hearts desires and life goals.

Over the years, I've discovered that what clients truly seek upon arrival to their first session is hope. Hope for a better future and hope that therapy can offer them a healthier perspective, stronger coping skills, tools to alleviate their pain and a supportive pilot to navigate the complexities of their emotional journey. It's no small task to brave the fear of the unknown and ask for help. Myriads of questions and concerns swirl in the heads of those that contemplate making a move towards counseling. The persistent and overwhelming apprehension lies in the query, "Can I be helped?"  The answer is a resounding "Yes!"  

Daily stresses including those surrounding family, partners, friends and job satisfaction can drive us to wonder if we are leading our best life and working towards achieving our most authentic self. When you grapple with these issues, I am here to provide resolution, clarity and peace of mind.   

My work has often been featured in the media, including two appearances on the TODAY show, National Public Radio (NPR), Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, WebMD, IVillage, Eharmony, Aol Health, PBS, and more. 

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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Growing up, I was inundated with images of unhappy couples and individuals under stress. I became overwhelmed at the idea that perhaps, life was just unmanageable.  Through my coursework over the years, I learned that psychology and psychotherapy provide the skills and tools necessary to bridge those gaps and teach clients how to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

To see a client really committed to change is to be motivated and inspired to continue doing this work and apply those same principles and solutions to my own life.  While it's never easy to make this shift, I am perpetually moved by the evolution of the human spirit and the progress that is achieved when clients desire deeper, richer lives.  I'm honored to take part in that process.  

Allison Cohen, M.A., MFT

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Allison Cohen, M.A., MFT

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Allison Cohen, M.A., MFT

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Allison Cohen, M.A., MFT

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