3 Smart & Sexy Ways To Eat Valentine's Day Candy


valentine's day
You should be able to eat your candy & enjoy it, too!
You love getting candy...but hate how you feel after eating the whole box. You need these 3 tips!

Mary's husband walked in the door with a beautiful creamy box wrapped up with a red ribbon. He twinkled his eyes as he lovingly leaned over and gave her a kiss and presented her with her favorite chocolates. It was their Valentine’s Day tradition, and she always loved him for it. She also hated him for it. She knew that one bite would lead to devouring the box, regretting it and craving for more sweets in the weeks ahead. But, she couldn't wait to sink her teeth into that dark, rich chocolately raspberry filled nugget hiding under the lid!

The next week, as she feared, she was beating herself up as she described to me her insatiable need for more chocolate and her frustration with this annual ritual. She knew she had to ask her husband to stop giving her this candy, yet she loved that he did this special thing for her and how wonderful they tasted. She hated to give this tradition up. 

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As I told her, she doesn't have to. It doesn't have to be all or nothing; in fact that type of thinking is what keeps you stuck on the see-saw of depriving yourself and overindulging. Instead, I explained how she can break free of her pattern and get to enjoy the loving gesture and her special chocolates with three simple strategies.

First, she can ask her husband to bring her a very small box on Valentine's Day, so she can't have so many pieces and trigger her cravings. She can also ask him to surprise her throughout the year with more small boxes, so she knows more are coming and she doesn't have to devour them as if she won't get them again for a very long time. This can add a romantic, playful and sexy twist to future date nights. 15 Valentine's Day Gifts You'll Both Enjoy

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