About YourTango Experts

It all started in 2004 with a print magazine that finally gave women what they were craving….

Insightful, intelligent content about relationships, all in one place. Sure, other sites wrote about relationships, but no one had ever done it so thoughtfully, with smart, provocative, inspirational articles that real women could relate to.

Over the years the brand evolved into an online resource for women, devoted entirely to love, life and relationships. Today YourTango is a dynamic community of users, experts and writers, all actively seeking to enhance their relationships as they learn and share on matters of the heart.

How are we helping experts?

With the launch of YourTango Experts, we now connect helping professionals of all kinds with our 3.8 million monthly readers; readers who are all looking for advice on how to live their best lives and create exceptional relationships. While the content on our site promotes the development and creation of healthy relationships, our experts also write on topics that intersect with our love lives.

Topics like: dating, marriage, couplehood, relationship challenges, divorce, communication, sex & intimacy, self-care, self-development, health, wellness, careers, money, marital discord, mediation, parenting, mental health, social services, addiction, trauma, healing, bodywork, friendships, aging, fertility/adoption, diet, beauty and more.

In addition to supporting Experts with their own publication, we also sponsor events to drive interest/readers to particular topics. Our partnerships with sites like PBS encourage experts in the mental health fields to get involved and co-author content on topics like attachment, addiction, depression, parenting and more.

Readers will learn what to do and how to do it, with a healthy serving of tips, tools and the best advice available from Experts about mating, dating & copulating in the age of Facebook, Twitter, busy schedules, complicated lives and the age-old search for love.

If you consider yourself an expert in love, life, dating, marriage and relationships, and you’ve been looking for new ways to promote yourself, your message, your books or your practice, YourTango Experts IS the place to be.

How Does It All Work? 

First, through powerful partnerships that generate remarkable growth

  • As previously mentioned, YourTango is growing at 25% month over month reaching close to two million new readers each month.
  • YourTango has syndication partnerships with giants like AOL, Huffington Post, Fox News, Psych Central, Yahoo, YouTube, MSN, Glo, The Today Show and many others. Through these high-profile partnerships, YourTango's Expert content reaches millions of readers.
  • Prestigious contributors to YourTango Experts include Helen Fisher, Esther Perel, Harville Hendrix/Imago, Pat Love, John Gray, Lori Gottleib, Scott Haltzman, John Grohol/Psych Central as well as many other noteworthy voices in the fields of relationship healing and therapy.

Second, through result-driven SEO.  Once you publish your content, we put 100% of our power behind it to drive readers and elevate it's status in major search engines like Google.

  • In test after test, the results are clear: content published on our site achieves higher placement on sites like Google than the same content does when published on your own website/blog.
  • By publishing content on YourTango, you share in our SEO strategy; a strategy designed to get all of YourTango's content optimized for search engines.  Our hard work allows your content to rise above the fold on most searches.
  • Finally, the price to receive these benefits can't be beat.  Traditional SEO can cost many hundreds of dollars a year.  For us, smart SEO is so important that we include it in the price.

So who is on YourTango?  Here's our latest reader stats:

Happy YourTango Reader

  • 83% female
  • 33.5 average age
  • $73K average income
  • 73% professional
  • Impressively educated: 29% have done post graduate work.


What Sets YourTango Apart?

Our readers are highly engaged.  They log on for content and support on the topic that's at the very center of their lives. YourTango users…

  • Participate in conversations about dating, marriage, breakups, divorce, challenges to relationships, and much more.
  • Post their experiences, share stories, and respond to what others have written.
  • Connect with Experts when they're seeking personal advice and support by scheduling sessions, signing up for newsletters, purchasing books, attending events and so much more.
  • Trust the YourTango community to give them quality content.
  • Watch and enjoy videos. YourTango has created over 400 segments, with new videos every week. In addition to appearing on the site, these videos on relationships are also featured on sites like Time.com, CNN.com, Huffington Post and many more. Watch as Experts discuss the reasons behind why people cheat, and hint, it's not about sex!
  • Click, read and share YourTango's daily newsletter. The YourTango Newsletter reaches over 60,000 readers, Monday-Friday.

How Can You Get Involved?

As a relationship, dating and personal growth expert, we want to talk with you. We evaluate experts of all kinds to determine if our business and blogging tools can help you to grow.  If you're looking for clients, want to build your brand, share your written articles with a large consumer audience or leverage the power of a large site to help your smaller website to grow, we can help. 

To schedule a free consultation with our team, or to get started as a member today, please click here for additional details on joining.