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Expiration 5/8/14
Number LH 60159659

Articles by Zita Fekete

Three Reasons We Receive Mixed Signals and One Way To Handle Them

Concealing vulnerability, covering aggression and ambivalent feelings dysfunctional expression.


6 Common Forms Of Manipulation

The guilt trip, silent treatments, threats, and constant badgering, gets you to do what s/he wants.


Your Relationship's New Year's Resolution Checklist

Is your relationship fairly balanced, or do you have areas to improve? A list of what to look at.


How Do I Know It's Manipulation?

What you do serves others' interests only.

The One Who Yells Loses In Relationships

The One Who Yells Loses In Relationships

Yelling shows you are frustrated. You lose ground. You don't get what you want; you are loosing.

Zita Fekete

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Abortion Issues, Anxiety Issues, Communication Problems, Divorce/Divorce Prevention, Empowering Women, Life Transitions, Personality Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress / Trauma