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Kiva Leatherman

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Empowering Women

Financial Stress




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3-5 years

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All areas, please inquire

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Life Coach


YourTango Expert Partner

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Articles by Kiva Leatherman
Why You Should Stop Judging Pregnant CEO Marissa Mayer [EXPERT]

Why You Should Stop Judging Pregnant CEO Marissa Mayer

The new Yahoo! CEO is pregnant. The question is: Why do we care so much?

What's Your Procrastination Personality? [EXPERT]

What's Your Procrastination Personality?

We all put off doing certain things. The question is: why?

Friends & Beauty

How To Do More With Less

We need to become comfortable with the idea that we’re never going to be done.

Spring Landscape

Valuating Your Personal Currency

Your personal currency is your attention, your intellect and your creative capacity.

Woman In Flowers

Words On Worth

I believe the need to feel worthy is the most difficult requirement in today's society for women

Kiva Leatherman

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